Clash of Clans Season Challenges New Update Spring 2020- Things to know

So for the all the supercell users over here there is a special thing to tell you guys, that all new Clash of Clans Season Challenge New Update is finally here.

It’s really a big happy news for Clash of Clans who were expecting out this kind of update for a long time and its finally here.

Also, you have to remember that clash of clans has recently launched their new balance update.

We all have to remember one thing that Clash of Clans is one of the biggest hit games of all time,

Many games might come and go but Clash of Clans is a Champ “Then Now Forever”.

Clash of Clans Season Challenges New Update Spring 2020

Coming back to the New Season challenges update, lots of interesting things are up in this update and you have to know about it. And let’s see in brief about this new season Challenges Update.

  • Things like new exclusive heroes and lots of rewards are coming out in this update.
  • So hell a lot of things are there out in this Spring 2020 update.
  • Its is a like of kind of clan games but here you are the only one participating out in this.
  • All these challenges will be avail for you and the game will track your progress as you go on.

So there are actually two kind of challenges

  • Daily Challenges – Which will get refreshed every day.
  • Monthly Challenges – Which gets unlocked out every week.
  • There will be a new season challenge button in the menu and when you touch that you can check out the progress of the challenge.
  • And the main thing is that it doesn’t affect your game, just play out your normal game.

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So in this season Challenge, there are going to be two different Levels namely

  • Silver Tier
  • Gold Tier

Before speaking about it lets see how you progress in this season challenge first.

  • So during this season challenge as you go on you’ll unlock rewards.
  • There are more than 30 types of rewards.
  • Make sure that you are active during this challenge so that you’ll get massive rewards.

Silver Tier

This is absolutely free and you’ll tons of rewards and magic items and you can access to a new thing called season Bank.

Watch out the below video to know more about this challenge

What is Season Bank?

It is a brand new resource store which is exclusive to the season challenge update.

  • As your exploit your resources from your enemy base it will reflect out in your Season Bank

At the end of Season if you are on the Silver Tier you can Collect

  • 5 million Gold and elixir
  • 50000 Dark Elixir.

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Gold Tier

So if you kind of want crazy rewards then choose the Gold tier and rewards upto

  • 25 million gold and elixir. 
  • 2.5 lakhs dark elixir.
  • Plus you also get 1 gem donation active for the whole season.
  • And get your Builder Boost, Training Boost, Research Boost

How to get Free Gold Tier Access

Well for now there is no such way to get it free and we’ll update it when we get to know about it.

Gladiator King Release

Clash of Clans Season Challenges New Update Spring 2019

This is actually a Barbarian King you all have and with this new skin, you can upgrade him to Gladiator king.

At the end of every month, you can get a new skin update only for Gold Tier User.

  • And new hepatic changes are going to happen with this season challenge like research time reduction, troop cost reduction, Reducing Building Upgrading time and cost.
  • Plus Some troops and buildings will be receiving a new upgrade level too.
  • Reduction in training costs of some expensive troops like Dragon, Pekka, Electro Dragon

When is Clash of Clans Season Challenges New Update Release Date

They have also announced that this update is coming live on April 1st 2020.


So tell us how do you feel about this new season challenges update.

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