Clash Royale Epic Triple Elixir Challenge – Tips & Strategies

Clash Royale has been really amazing over the past few months with the update they provide to make their users more engaging.

Especially that every 48 hours a new challenge update is the best one that we have ever seen so far.

Now they have recently conducted elixir Challenge week which is really outstanding and most of the people have benefitted from it by getting lots of epic cards by winning those challenge.

Now this time they are conducting out an epic triple elixir challenge, one of the best and fun challenges in clash royale, that too they are providing out with lots of epic rewards like epic cards, epic tokens, epic chests and much more.

Don’t miss out this opportunity, grab up this offer and collect out as much as cards as possible.

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Check out the rewards you’ll get with this challenge listed below

Wins Rewards
1 Win 1 Epic Trade Token
2 Win 2 Epic Cards
3 Win 2500 Gold Coins
4 Win 1 Epic Trade Token
5 Win 5 Epic Cards
6 Win 2500 Gold Coins
7 Win 1 Epic Trade Token
8 Win 10 Epic Cards
9 Win 1 Epic Chest

Apart from this with the completion of this challenge, you’ll get some get rewards too.

Clash Royale Epic Triple Elixir Challenge Tips & Tricks

  • There are not so many tips to give, but you have to know certain things that this is a triple elixir challenge guys so prepare a fast and attacking deck which will give you high chances of winning.
  • Also, remind that three losses and you are out, else you have to pay 50 gems to continue this challenge which is way too costly.
  • We have some good decks which you might try to get an easy win
  • So wait for the best time to do the attack to increase the chances of your winning and remember the formula of always winning.

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Please share your review and experience after playing this challenge.

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