Clash Royale latest Balance Update January 2020 (3/4) – Unknown Facts

So the makers of clash royale supercell have once again came out with a new balance update (3/4) for the January 2020 and lots of new things were added and changed.

This new balance update brings out lots of changes in the game and to the previously added cards out there in the game.

So before briefly discussing the balance update let me tell you about the 3rd birthday anniversary of clash royale that has been recently celebrated where new tournaments were conducted.

Clash Royale Balance Update January 2020 (3/4)

So the changes that were made in the game were listed below

1. Barbarians (  Hitpoints reduced -13%, Troop count increased 4-5 )

So now you can play the barbarians with 5 counts not 4 barbarians anymore for 5 elixir sounds good in some aspects but this might be a plus to the magic archer and wizard actually.

The decreased hitpoints were also will be applicable to the cards like Barbarian Hut, Battle Ram, Barbarian Barrel.

So this will be a sad new for the persons using Barbarian deck and a piece of good news for those who don’t use.

But this won’t affect the Elite Barbarians in any aspects.

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2. Wall Breakers ( Speed Reduced from 1.5 s to 1.2 s )

Wall breaker is a card that has been recently added into the clash royale actually, and it is a card where a group of two wall breakers will run directly to attack the crown towers. So its major plus is its speed and the game makers have reduced its speed from 1.5 s to 1.2 s.

3.Bomb Tower ( Added 2* Area Damage with added death damage Bomb)

The Bomb Tower which was not so famous among the gamers due to its resistance and attacking capacity of only ground troops, now it will not be anymore an unliked troop because it will now deal 2* Area Damage with Added Death Damage Bomb.

4.X-Bow ( +4 Hitpoints )

The hitpoints of the X-Bow has been increased by 4%, so that now it will be a really a difficult task to demolish the X-Bow sooner.

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5.Goblin Gang, Rascals, Bats, Barbarians ( Added Deploy time 0.15 Sec )

The deploy time for the above cards has been increased to 0.15 sec.

So guys what do you feel about the latest balance update please do comment.

Martin Guptil

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