Clash Royale League 20 Win Challenge Update – Deck Selection Tips & Strategies to Win

So the most awaited Clash royale league is now getting into 2nd time after its 1st best ever league which was conducted last year.

So last year it was great fun and the event finale was conducted out in Tokyo and it was simply awesome and this time they are going to conduct it much grander.

More rewards, more participants and many more such new things are going to be in this year’s League with lots of rewards than last year.

And moreover, this time the prize money is going to be higher than the previous year and the event locations has not been revealed yet.

So if you win the challenge that is going to happen, then you’ll be qualified for the next set of rounds and with winning those all rounds you can go to finals and can dream of winning the cup.

But if you have dreams of going that far then you need something in you, it doesn’t mean that you need high-level troops and higher crown level.

All you need is an excellent and powerful well balanced and your playing skills, these are the most important things that you need for winning out this challenge.

Clash Royale League 20 Win Challenge Best Deck Selection

So as I said earlier for winning out this challenge, selection of deck matters the most.

During selecting your deck, remember out these points

  • Make sure that your deck is elixir efficient.
  • Then there must be equal troop for defence as much you have attacking troop in your deck.
  • Plan what kind of deck you want to have and pick out the best cards based on your deck.

So for your convenience, I have some best decks which might work out for this challenge, try it if you don’t get any awesome decks.

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Deck 1

Clash Royale League 20 Win Challenge Best Deck

Deck 2

Clash Royale League 20 Win Challenge Best Deck

Deck 3 

Clash Royale League 20 Win Challenge Best Deck

So what you think about these decks please tell your feedback in the comments section.

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Clash Royale League 20 Win Challenge Tips & Strategies to Win

And this decks actually are being used by players in the top level arenas, so only by choosing out this deck, you can’t win the league.

You have to be an expert of this deck, know how this deck works and how to use.

Clash Royale League 20 Win Challenge Rewards


Wins Rewards
2 5000 gold
4 2 common trade token
6 Legendary chest
8 2 rare token
10 2 epic token
12 20000 gold
14 1 mystery magic box
16 2 legendary token
18 100000 gold
20 Royal emote


We wish you good luck for winning this challenge and reach the finals.

Martin Guptil

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