Clash Royale New Legendary Ladies Draft Challenge update – Deck Selection Tips & Rewards

Clash Royale is one of the biggest successful hit game that has been launched by supercell 3 years back, now they have recently celebrated their 3rd anniversary in a grand manner.

So since World woman’s day is around the corner, Clash royale has decided to create a new event to celebrate women’s day in a grand manner.

They decided to celebrate it through Legendary Ladies Draft Challenge which is a special event conducted for 3 days and lots of rewards will be given based on your win.

So it’s like the tournaments¬†you have played in the past, actually, it is a draft challenge where you have to pick out four cards for you and give out four cards for your opponent.

The main plus of this event is not only you will get gold rewards, as your win increases you will get legendary cards as rewards.

Rewards of Legendary Ladies Draft Challenge

  • So there are 13 types of rewards available in this challenge.
  • Higher the win is higher the rewards will be.
  • This will be a great opportunity to add more gold and your favourite legendary cards to the Deck.


Wins Rewards
1 Legendary Token
2 Legendary Token
3 Legendary Token
4 2000 gold
5 3000 gold
6 4000 gold
7 5000 gold
8 6000 gold
9 1 Lava hound
10 1 Night Witch
11 1 bandit
12 1 Ram Rider
13 1 Sparky
14 10000 Gold

So try to get higher wins to get more rewards, this will be a great opportunity to fill up your treasure by winning more gold.

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Things to Know & Unknown Facts

  • You will be given only one free entry.
  • After losing three times you won’t be allowed to play for free.
  • You have to pay certain gems to play again.
  • And if you lost after 7 wins then play again by giving 100 gems you can continue playing but 100 gems is a big deal isn’t.

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Legendary Ladies Draft Challenge Best Deck Selection

So choose the cards in wisely in the draft challenge makes your winning chance go up actually. So be careful in choosing the cards


So please leave up your feedback about this new challenge in the comments section.

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