Clash Royale New Lumber Jack Rush Challenge – Tips & Strategies to win

We also know that supercell is always a cool game maker when compared with other games because they are the ones who always provide with constant game updates when compared with others.

Especially Clash Royale, for this game they are always providing constant updates so that they still maintain the consistency of the game.

Really its good to see game makers like them are providing constant updates continuously, so last week they conducted 20 win challenge which is so hard to win.

Yet we have given some tips to win that challenge, which you can see it here

So this week remarking the month starting they have created out a new event called Lumber Jack Rush.

This event will be available for 5 days and you can play whenever you want throughout this period.

What’s so special about this event is that you can get lots of rewards and especially two new emotes are available out in these events.

Lumber Jack Rush Rewards

So basically this event is happening in two various ways especially

  1. Capture the log
  2. Log Draft Challenge.

The first challenge is to Capture the log challenge for this one you don’t need to worry about losing because you can lose as much time as you want.

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And especially with the completion of Capture the log you can easily get a free to emote and get your free entry to log Draft Challenge.

The Log Draft challenge is not like the first one because in this one you will be given only three chances which you have to utilize otherwise you have to spent 20 gems to continue from where you left.

Wins Rewards              
1 1000 gold
2 1 gold chest
3 2000 gold
4 2 epic cards
5 3000 gold
6 Log emote

Lumber Jack Rush Challenge – Tips & Strategies to Win

  • This is a very easy challenge because the first round is going to be a piece of cake because in that round no-lose is counted.
  • The second round is draft challenge one and you can afford only three loses, so you have to be careful in selecting the cards.
  • Since lumberjack will be flowing for a certain time so choose a deck that will a good combo for lumberjack.
  • Have a lot of attacking troops while selecting the cards in the draft challenge.
  • For the first round you need to select a good deck and if you have confusion in selecting the deck, we’ll recommend you a one.

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We wish good luck in winning out this challenge, keep your eyes on for updates by subscribing us.

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