Clash Royale New Mini Collection Challenge Update – Tips, Tricks & Deck Selection

Definitely, no one can deny the fact that supercell is best ever game makers ever because all of their games have been a massive hit and the updates which they keep on giving makes them so special.

Especially with the new update that they have recently introduced with new cool features, and that is every 48 a new challenge update will be made.

Usually, before there will be new challenges only once a week but now you can get lots of rewards every 48 hours, a cool update isn’t it.

Already two challenges were conducted and have been completed too and now the next challenge update is that New Mini Collection Challenge.

So the basic concept of this challenge is that you have to select a good deck from the pack of cards that have been given, and then you have to make a normal attack and get your rewards.

Also, remind that you’ll be given only three chances within that you have to complete the challenge otherwise you’ll have to pay 10 gems and start the challenge from the beginning once again

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New Mini Collection Challenge Rewards

Win Rewards
1st win 250 gold
2nd win 20 common cards
3rd win 5 rare cards
4th win 1000 gold
5th win Gold chest
6th win 2500 gold

Plus once you complete the challenge a bonus reward of 600 coins and 25 cards will be given too.

This is a great opportunity for you to increase the no of gold coins, so utilize this challenge to the Max.

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New Mini Collection Challenge Deck Selection Tips & Tricks

  • For the deck selection we can’t give out many tips for you but yet we’ll give you a few suggestions.
  • While selecting your deck have an equal combination of Attack and defence in your deck.
  • Plus make a deck with low-cost elixir which will be a real key in this challenge.
  • Try to utilize these challenges to get more no of rewards.


We hope that you have got enough information about the Mini Collection Challenge.

Martin Guptil

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