Clash Royale New Musketeer Draft Challenge Update – Tips & Strategies to Win

So after clash royale celebrated women’s day with Legendary Ladies Draft Challenge now they are up for their next new challenge and it is none other than New Musketeer Draft Challenge.

And with this challenge starting today, you might be eager to know out the rewards in this challenge and how this challenge differs from other challenges.

So this is actually a draft challenge and you have to select four cards for you and give out remaining four cards to your opponents, either one of you will be definitely having a musketeer in your deck.

And there are totally 8 stages in this challenge and with every win you will get a massive reward and with an 8th win you will get a Royal musketeer to emote.

And also you have to remember that you can afford to lose only 3 times and if you want to continue from where you left then you have to pay around 100 gems for that which is too costly, so put your maximum effort in your 1st attempt itself.

Clash Royale New Musketeer Draft Challenge Rewards

Wins Rewards
1st win 2500 gold
2nd win Gold chest
3rd win 5000 gold
4th win Giant Chest
5th win 7500 Gold
6th win Royal Giant Chest
7th win 10000 Gold
8th win Musketeer Emote

So this will be a great opportunity for you to get more golds through this special event.

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Tips & Strategies

  • Try to select the best cards in the draft challenge, because your selection of cards will decide your winning percentage.
  • And also you don’t need to worry about your card levels because you and your opponents will get the cards at same level.
  • That selection of 4 cards is the key to win this challenge in one attempt.
  • Also even if you got 2 losses don’t worry keep on going and remember one thing choose your cards wisely.

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We wish you a god Luck in winning this Musketeer Special Draft Challenge and please do share.

Martin Guptil

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