Clash Royale Season 8 Reveal – Important Things to Know

If we are surprised about one thing from Supercell which we not able to find it out from any other game makers then definitely its going out to be the way they keep on developing the game. Even after making the game biggest hit ever still they are working so hard like every day to make it the best game and also to survive among some other big games like PUBG, Fortnite.

Recently clash royale has revealed about the Season 8 and we want out site users to get updated to it and this post is all regarding it.

There are lots of new things that have been like introduced out in this Season 8 which we haven’t seen like it before and here is what the new Season 8 is all about.

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Clash Royale Season 8 Reveal

This new Season 8 will be applicable from the period of Feb 3 and until then same old season 7 applies And speaking about the Season 7 one of the biggest updates from that season is going to be the introduction of Fire Cracker.

Unlike that in Season 8, there is not going to be any new card release but there are like minor changes such as

  • The Attacking time of the witch is going to be decreased from 1 Second to 0.8 Second.
  • And next is the royal hog which is gonna get an increase in attack damage from 56 to 59.
  • Mostly the lifetime of Barbarian hut is reduced from 60 seconds to 50 seconds but definitely this is gonna be heartbreaking for many people but doesn’t worry in order to cover this when the lifetime ends another new two barbarians will spawn.
  • And also Zappies also gets an increase in damage from like 20 percentage from 70 to 84 and also the first zap will be reduced from 1.35 seconds to 1.25 seconds.

These are the major things that supercell has mentioned in their update list and we’ll soon update here if there is new news regarding the season 8 update.

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