Goblin Cage latest troop & Event Update – Deck Tips & Strategies

If there is one thing that makes out clash royale the game of the year, it is the new updates and cards they were consistently providing out to their audience.

Yes, now Gobin Cage is the new card that is going out to be released by clash royale and the most interesting part about this is they are releasing out this card through a mega event which is the ultimate thing.

So there is not so much info about this new card goblin cage other than a video about it being released by Clash Royale which I have provided out below for you to watch.

So without boring you guys, I straightly jump out into the topic which you guys were expecting to know.

A Short info about the event and rewards of it and some interesting info about the goblin cage.

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Goblin Cage Event Rewards 

This event is actually a draft event and if you lose your 3 chances you can continue it by using 50 gems.

Win Rewards
1st win 250 goblin army cards
2nd win 2500 gold
3rd win 50 Dart Goblin
4th win 5000 gold
5th win 50 goblin hut
6th win 1 legendary chest
7th win 10 goblin barrel
8th win 10000 gold
9th win 10 goblin giant
10th win 100 goblin cage
11th win 1 giant chest
12th win 15000 gold
13th win Legendary chest
14th win 25000 coins
15th win Special Emote

This is your biggest chance to win lots of goblin cards and gold with the help of this event, so use this event and upgrade your deck.

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Check out the below video to know about the gameplay of new card

About Goblin Cage Card – Tips & Strategies

So this is an attacking rare card which is able to attack ground troops at an elixir cost of 4 which seems to be quite effective.

We’ll soon bring to you more details about this card later.

Martin Guptil

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