How to Activate Credit Card of Any banks

Since the Credit Card has been started to use in the field of banking, All the Banks has started to provide credit cards since then, and also as per now more than 20 million people all around the US region are having Credit Card Right now as per the recent Survey Report.

So after getting their credit one of the things that people always struggle to do is activating their credit card which is a bigger issue for new credit card buyers and actually it is not such a big issue and you can easily activate your credit card in various ways.

After receiving your credit card you will also get a booklet regarding the information about the credit card and how to activate it.

Also, read the terms and conditions before activating the card to make sure that you have known more about the card.

Types of Activation

So as like we have said earlier you can activate your Credit Card through various methods which are

  • Online Activation.
  • Phone Activation.
  • Through Bank Account.

Online Activation

  • This is the best and easiest way to activate out your card in no time and here is what you have to do.
  • First, go to the activation page of the bank.
  • And after going out into the activation page enter your 16 digit account number and then fill all other required details as asked.
  • Once everything is done your card will successfully be activated and you can confirm it by seeing your card activation mail which you’ll be receiving shortly.

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Phone Activation

This is an alternative method for those who can’t able to activate out their cards through online activation

  • It is also a faster process like online activation.
  • You can find a card activation number found on your credit number.
  • So by calling that number through your registered phone number gets your card activated.

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Through Bank Account

  • If you have got a credit card then definitely you’ll also have a bank account for sure.
  • So first link your card to your bank account.
  • And then your credit card will be automatically activated without any delay.

Activate through ATM

  • First, go to any nearby ATM of your bank.
  • And over there enter your credit card.
  • Fill in the details it asks for you there.
  • Once everything you have said is right your card will be activated automatically.


You can choose any one of the above-given methods to activate your credit card.

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