Mobile Legends Adventure Complete Begginers Guide – 10 Important tips

Before getting out into our topic, I want to tell you guys something that if you are confused about something like any kind of things may be your relationship, or about life even about studies you should immediately clear out them before it goes to your head.

And this same concept applies for the game too that if you are so attracted to some game, but don’t know how to play then you should read out any Beginners Guide to be successful in that game.

Likewise, this Beginners Guide is for people who were doubtful or confused about the Mobile Legends Adventure Game.

Speaking about the Mobile legends Adventure, the game was recently released all over the world and it has been receiving a positive response so far. And the download numbers have been in millions and also this numbers has been reached in a very short span of time actually.

This game was developed and released by Moonton who were the official makers of mobile legends bang bang and this is their second game release after their previous successful game.

Everything you need to know about the game will be here and after leaving out here, you’ll be completely updated about this game like you’ll

be knowing each and everything about this game in brief.

Mobile Legends Adventure Beginners Guide – 10 Important Tips

We are writing out this post, with only keep one thing in our mind, and that is what we are going to provide to the visitors who come over here for getting some useful info about this game.

And that’s we have created a guide that everyone can easily understand about this game when going out from here.

1. Play the Campaign mode

So this is like the story mode in the game, and in this, there are like certain maps out in this game which you have to travel and beat the opponents in each level to surpass to the next level. Then at the last, you have to fight with the boss in order to complete this level.

2. Unlock Heroes

There are lots of heroes in this game from common to epic heroes each having a unique speciality, you can unlock them by various kind of methods and the best way for unlocking out the heroes is through Wishing Shrine where you need to spend diamonds for using the Wishing Shrine.

3. Upgrade your Heroes

If you need to get good progress in the game, then you need to upgrade your heroes and there is max level for every hero and you can upgrade your heroes to that max level. Then for upgrading out your heroes, you need to gain Experience Points and advanced essence.

And you can earn these through by completing levels and get it as daily rewards.

4. Claim Rewards

These Rewards can be obtained in various forms as like daily rewards, and completing certain daily tasks and or then by playing campaigns or by every means.

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5. Fusion Shrine

This is also an important place in this game which you should know because this is like the kind of level up the place of your heroes, just get 3 three-star heroes or four-star heroes and in the fusion shrine you can level up them to the next level.

6. Play Multiplayer Arena Battles

This is like a kind of multiplayer feature in this game, where you can take on opponents in the game actually, like beat the opponent’s defence and you’ll get battle points and at the end of each league you’ll get rewards through it.

Plus also you need to build out a strong defence because opponents also take out you in this game.

7. Play Events Regularly

The game makers regularly conduct new events every week, so don’t forget to play those events because you’ll be getting some exclusive rewards through these events.

8. Time Portals

And time portals are another set of new features in the game, where you need to play certain unique missions and gain some rewards through which you can use it for upgrading your heroes.

9. Use hall of Fame Feature Wisely

Hall of Fame is a feature which you should definitely know about because through this feature you can level up your heroes to the max level and but one disadvantage with this feature is that you can’t upgrade those heroes after that level.

10. Play Regularly

After all, this is the most important thing that you need to do if you want to progress in the game faster, there are no other easy ways, just play regularly in order to build a powerful team of yours.

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We have said our part and now its time for you to implement out what we have said here so far in the game.

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