Top 3 Best Wall Breaker Decks for all Arenas in Clash Royale – Tips & Strategies

So we all know that Clash royale is one of the best metagames by supercell in which they provide a continuous update on their cards, features.

They always work on their game to make it better, as a result, they release new cards all the time, and the last new card that was released by clash royale is wall breaker.

So this card actually was first introduced by supercell in the Clash of Clans game but with some major changes, they have again introduced this card in the clash royale.

So the changes made by the clash royale is that these wall breakers actually cost 3 elixirs and with that cost, you will get two wall breakers running towards crown towers and deploying the bomb. Once the Bomb is deployed your opponents crown tower will face really great damage.

But you have to use this card wisely, otherwise, it won’t be much effective, in order to do that you have to select out the best deck for it.

For that we have come out with the 3 possible best decks for wall breakers which will be suitable for all areas and the tips and strategies are also listed out below.

Top 3 Best Wall Breaker Decks for all Arenas

Deck 1

Best Wall Breaker Decks for all Arenas

So the above-provided deck is the first deck we are sharing out with you, Actually, this deck is a perfect combo for wall breakers, since it has defense troops, attack troops and air troops too.

And the elixir cost seems to be pretty decent and this will be a perfect combo deck for wall Breaker in your account.


  • So if you want to start out the attack then you can go with sending the wall breakers at first by sending minions or goblin gang as a backup so that you can hit the opponents crown tower first, but most of the times you may be defended.
  • If the opponent is having a skeleton army or minions then sending out wall breakers is really a risky thing and for that we are having poison spell in our deck, so use poison spell before sending wall breaker.
  • Plus sending out wall breakers behind spooky is a great option too.
  • Also sending out wall breakers along with the Mega Knight is not a bad option too.

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Deck 2

Top 3 Best Wall Breaker Decks for all Arenas

This is also a pretty good deck and a powerful deck equal to the deck 1 but this deck has a slight disadvantage that it has only a few troops to tackle air attack. However, this is a great attacking deck.

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  • This deck actually is a pretty good deck for wall breakers to hide because the giant is the main and best supporting deck for wall breakers because giant can take on all the damages and make out a way for the wall breakers to attack.
  • Make sure while sending out wall breaker behind giant you have to ready up poison spell because giant and wall breaker may be attacked by skeleton army or goblin gang or minions.
  • The next one is sending out miner to attack and then sending out wall breaker so that the tower will be concentrating on attacking miner.
  • And mega minion and prince can be used for defending wall breaker too.

Deck 3

Top 3 Best Wall Breaker Decks for all Arenas

So this is the final deck and this is the 3rd best wall breaker deck we are suggesting you.


So we are sure that you have loved the 3 decks provided out for you and choose out the best one and add it to your deck.


Martin Guptil

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